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My practice features quality expatriate income tax services at a rate designed to save you money on professional fees. Contact me today by phone (403) 239-8403 or e-mail for a 30-minute preliminary consultation on expatriate tax planning and/or Canadian tax return preparation services for only $325.00 CDN.

The Canadian Income Tax Act is complex and there are significant risks associated with unsubstantiated claims relating to the Overseas Employment Tax Credit, the Foreign Tax Credit and non-resident status. Proper planning to minimize this risk is essential to mitigate the exposure and significantly reduce the income tax you pay.

Unfortunately for many, the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) does not have much sympathy for the individual that did not prudently plan their affairs to achieve an optimal tax result.  The CRA also imposes significant penalties for failure to make timely disclosures with your tax return.

Whether you are entering or leaving Canada, you need information & guidance to minimize the amount of Canadian tax that you are required to pay, avoid penalties and, possibly interest, for non-compliance through the filing of a Voluntary Disclosure or a Request for Taxpayer Relief and clearly identify what your specific responsibilities are under the law.

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